Gates open at 8.35am. Please ensure your child is in class ready for registration at 8.45am. Home time for all children is 3.15pm.

What extra learning support is available to pupils with special educational needs?

The school follows the 2014 SEN Code of Practice. This involves a step-by-step approach where a plan-assess-do-review cycle informs what we do and provides checks on how effective it is.

All teachers are able to teach all children at school. The teacher and Learning Support Assistant differentiate for learning and for socialisation within the classroom. This means that they recognise that some children need extra help to achieve their best. For instance they may need pre-teaching before the lesson, or over-learning after the lesson. In the light of the on-going classroom assessment process, individual children may be identified as having barriers to learning. The SENCo should decide with the class teacher and Learning Support Assistant on what further action may be needed to help an individual child to make progress.

There may also be a role for specific, time limited intervention by named staff to address issues identified by assessment, screening or testing.

The SENCo Jussi Viinikka holds a list of pupils who have specific difficulties in specific areas. The SEN list highlights those children whose progress the SENCo needs to keep a closer eye on. Each of the children on the list has areas of concern that are specifically addressed by the class teacher in an individual Special Provision Plan (SPP).

 Updated September 2022