Gates open at 8.35am. Please ensure your child is in class ready for registration at 8.45am. Home time for all children is 3.15pm.

My child finds managing change difficult. Can school do anything to help my child?

If there is a concern over a change from a previous setting to London Meed, Mr Viinikka should be contacted before admission. We can then talk over the issues. Sometimes there is a meeting with both settings and parents. Sometimes we will ask for a meeting at the old school. Other times children come over to London Meed in advance to see what it’s like. Sometimes staff from London Meed will visit the child’s previous setting to meet them there.

Similarly when vulnerable children are moving on from London Meed we will make similar arrangements. One secondary school has even run a summer school to help transition.

Children also make transitions within the school, from class to class and from teacher to teacher each year. Teachers and LSA’s will plan transition with children: this may be a book or other form of media. It will probably include pictures and names for their new class and also their strengths, likes and dislikes.

 Updated September 2022