Gates open at 8.35am. Please ensure your child is in class ready for registration at 8.45am. Home time for all children is 3.15pm.

What are the planning, assessing and reviewing arrangements for my child?

Each pupil identified with Special Educational Needs has a Special Provision Plan (SPP) written by their teacher, to illustrate and guide the differentiated teaching or intervention provided by the class teacher for individual children. Advice will be included from meetings with parents and also from the SENCo to make sure this is a meaningful and clear plan for action. The SPP also details any special provision provided by an external agency, such as Speech and Language or Learning or Social Communication Team. An SPP is a planning, teaching and reviewing tool.

The SPP should detail provision additional to, or different from that available to most pupils. It sets out;

  • ‘what’ should be taught
  • ‘how’ it should be taught and
  • ‘how often’ particular knowledge, understanding and skills are taught by the teacher and any interventions that are happening for your child.

Everybody working with your child at school should follow the guidance in the SPP. A new SPP is sent home each term so you can see what is planned for your child. There will be suggestions for you to follow at home and expectations for your child too. We intend all SPPs to be written in a jargon-free way, easy to understand by all staff, parents and if appropriate pupils. They are distributed to all staff as necessary and also to parents.

The teacher will meet with you each term through the year to talk about your child’s progress and to help review progress towards the targets on the plan. The SENCo may attend some of these meetings. If your child has an Educational Health Care Plan there will also be an Annual Review at which all areas of your child’s progress will be considered.

In the SSC the pupils all have an Individual Learning Plan which identifies in more detail what action is being taken to support.

 Updated September 2022