How will school let me know if they have any concerns about my child's learning?

In lessons the class teacher will always present a selection of work at different levels for the children to choose from and will arrange more or less support depending on your child’s needs. During the normal course of the school year it is hoped that you will be speaking with the class teacher at parents meetings and also at other times. At these times you should be able to exchange views about any difficulties or problems you child might be having in school.

If you want to talk further get in touch with the teacher at the end of the day or call the school office to arrange a meeting with them.

A child’s difficulties might have been noticed first by the class teacher, SENCo, other staff member, you or pupil peers. This could have been in tests, in looking at your child’s work or from their ways of doing things. Your child’s attainment may be falling behind their peers or their difficulty could be in other areas; speech, social concerns or medical difficulties et cetera. In any case the teacher will look at what is being done in class and how effective it has been. They will probably want to talk to you just to see if you have noticed the same things, or if there are any other difficulties that you have noticed that haven’t been noticed at school.

If necessary extra things can be done to help; different resources, closer adult support or something else. The teacher might ask around other teachers, relevant subject leaders, or look at the school Special Provision Map. Any extra help will need to be put in place and then evaluated by the class teacher. At this stage there will not be any decision made regarding any Special Educational Need.

If any difficulties persist it may be that Mr Viinikka will be invited to meet with you and the class teacher. We will talk about your child’s areas of strengths and difficulties and your concerns. We will agree outcomes for your child and work out new ways of supporting achieving them. After this or at further meetings it may be decided that it is best to add your child to the Special Educational Needs list.

 Updated September 2021