• Mr Viinikka

    SSC Teacher in Charge and Assistant Head teacher

  • Miss Galetti

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Holter

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Geer


  • Mrs Jones


  • Mrs Tagg


Special Support Centre (SSC) 

Within London Meed Primary School there is a Special Support Centre for children with speech, language and communication difficulties. The SSC takes children from a wide area of Mid-Sussex. The SSC has places for 11 children from Reception to Year 6.
Every child in the SSC is also in a mainstream class and may take part in a range of mainstream lessons.

The children in the SSC have statements of SEN, usually for severe speech and language difficulties. Each child has an individual programme to ensure that we are meeting their needs. Children will either work in small groups within the SSC or in mainstream classes with support, if appropriate.

All of the children have individual speech therapy during the week as well as taking part in a number of small language development groups.The children work on the National Curriculum subjects. In addition to this there are also lots of opportunities to develop play skills, social skills and sensory awareness through practical activities such as cooking and