If your child is ill or unfit for school for any reason, please telephone the school and leave a message on our absence voicemail or via email to office@londonmeedprimary.co.uk by 9.20am on the first day of absence. This ensures the safety of your child and saves the school a lot of extra work following up enquiries. 

If a child is absent and we have not heard the reason why, school will contact home to ascertain their whereabouts for safety reasons.  Contact will be made through via telephone or email. Children should not be absent without good reason and parents can usually judge whether their child should be at home in bed or in school..

Should a child's attendance give us cause for concern, then the school Education Welfare Officer would be informed and asked to visit the family to discuss the problem. Absence for dental and medical appointments should be notified in advance. This is particularly important if the child has to leave the school during the day. On leaving and returning to school, children should report to the office with the adult accompanying them.