Snow and bad weather policy

There may be times when the school needs to close due to a particular emergency. Emergencies could include closures as a result of adverse weather conditions, flooding, problems associated with buildings/property and in extreme cases such as insufficient staffing due to illness.
The responsibility for making the decision to close a school is ultimately the Headteacher's in consultation with the Chair of Governors. The following procedures happen if there is a school closure;
  • At 7.00am we make the decision whether or not to close the school. We try to keep the school open if we possibly can, but sometimes weather conditions make it too dangerous for children and staff to get to school safely.
  • If school is closed, we will: Contact WSCC who will update  the school closure section of their website. We will acontact the following local radio stations - Bright FM 106.4 ,BBC Sussex FM 95.3, 104.5, 104.8 & DAB
  • Update the website, as soon as we possibly can.
  • Send an email to all parents/carers whose contact details we hold.
If there is sustained snowy weather over several days, we may need to delay the
start of school until 10.00am, in order to ensure there are enough staff to supervise the children. Should this happen, we will email those of you whose email addresses we have, and update local radio and the local authority.We always try to post information onto our school website, but as you probably know, volumes of internet traffic can make the site inaccessible at such times.