Parent Forum

Q1. How many children are in each class?
Class sizes depend on each year group however, the maximum per class is 30.
Q2. What is the ratio children/staff?

This depends on the age of the children, number of children in the class and the individual needs of the children. In our Reception classes there is normally 1 adult and 1 full time teaching assistant. Older years have a full time teacher and some daily learning support assistant time.


Q3. How do you settle children if they are unhappy?

If children are unhappy we will contact parents/carers to find out if there is any particular reason why. Our reception teachers meet the children from the playground each morning. They are very  used to dealing with anxious children. Learning support assistants are on hand to care for anyone who is upset at the start of the school day.  


Q4. What is your take on Bullying and how do you act if there is a case of bullying?

Please see our Anti-bullying policy on our website  In addition teachers and senior leaders conduct regular assemblies on how to stay safe.


Q5. How long have the staff have been working in the school?

We have a number of staff who have worked at the school for over 20 years including one of our teacher who has been working at the school for 30 years.  Others are in their first or second year of teaching.


Q6. What is the school approach to homework?

We encourage all children to read 4 times a week. As the children get older they receive an increased amount of Home learning to include Maths, English and Spellings tasks in Year 6. Home Learning is set on a Friday on Google classroom and is due in the following Wednesday. We do not set Home Learning during school holidays.


Q7. What strategies are used to teach who are not fluent in English?

We try and identify other children in the class or in the school who have the same first language. We buddy children up with a peer. Where there is a need we use a WSCC interpreter or Google translate. Work is differentiated.


Q8. What are some of the biggest challenges this school faces or has faced?

COVID-19 has most definitely impacted on our working day.


Q9. What criteria are used to determine student placements?

Anybody who wants a place at our school have to go through WSCC admissions.


Q10. How do you protect the facilities to avoid strangers to come in?

We have three Designated Safeguarding Leads, all staff receive regular safeguarding training. We have padlocked gates throughout all our premises. We have a keypad entry system at our main school office. We have a screen that visitors have to sign in on that takes their photo. Regular visitors and all staff have to have a DBS check. Currently, we have no visitors in school due to COVID. Our Senior Leadership team are on the gates at drop off and pickup times. Teachers collect their children from their playground and hand them to parents at the end of day.


Q11. How much outdoor time do kids get each day?

All children go outside for a 15 minute break in the morning and 30 minutes at lunchtime. Reception children have access to their outside area all day.  All children have at least 1 hour of PE outside a week.


Q.12 Is there a specific parking area to drop off an collect children?

There is NO parking for parents/carers on site. The school can provide parents and carers with a parking permit for Queens Park Crescent park or they can park on the roads surrounding the school. We actively encourage families to walk to school where possible.