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23rd March 2020
This thing we are all a part of, its living history. Our children are all a part of this, and it will be talked about for generations to come. Schools are closed;sports are cancelled:people are quarantined.. on a GLOBAL level. The best thing your children can do is to keep a journal - handwritten, typed, photographs or drawings.... record events, day to day activities, fears and feelings. Let them make a video journal if that is the media they prefer. As parents, let them interview you, be part of it. When it is all over, save it/store in a safe place for them. They will share this with their children and grandchildren. Help them create a tangible, primary source of their own history. 
Other suggested links for ideas are;
Twinkle https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer please use code CVDTWINKLHELPS
Some ideas from Inkpots... 
Years 3 - 6: https://inkpots.org/inkpots-creative-activities/
Year 6 - https://inkpots.org/inkpots-writers-and-artists-online-club/
Creative play UK wanted to share with you a fantastic opportunity to ‘Win a Playground worth over £10,000’ competition they launched at the end of last week that they thought you will find of interest, whilst the children can have a little fun taking part. The details of which can be found on the following link:- https://creativeplayuk.com/ in addition the information can be found on our facebook, linkedin and twitter…..good luck!
Well done to Katie H from Year 6 who has taken a long time to prepare a presentation on COVID-19.